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  1. Fake Munchkin must be 400 X 560

  2. A card has to be either a RACE, CLASS, CURSE, MONSTER or an ITEM card
    RACE: Has to be a PFP type card (zombie, alien, orc etc.) and something to do with Fake & Munchkin
    CLASS: Includes name, class features (with explanation) and the word "Class" - example
    CURSE: Includes the word "Curse!", curse name, curse effect - example

    MONSTER: Includes level, type, and "bad stuff" - example
    ITEM: Includes bonus, name, additional bonus (optional), where on the body it is used, price - example

  3. Use this template for CLASS, CURSE, MONSTER and ITEM cards
    Top font is: Quasimodo Regular 20pt
    Bottom font is: Hoefler Text Italic 10pt & Big Caslon Medium 10pt.

  4. Cards can be images, animated gifs or mp4 videos

  5. A card must have at least 21 issuance and no more than 10,000

  6. Issuance must be LOCKED, so your Fake Munchkin cannot be inflated

  7. Your Fake Munchkin must not be divisible

  8. No NSFW content, no websites, no QR codes on the card

  9. Only 1 submission per artist until approved or denied (via email)

  10. No sharing and no sales prior to being published on the directory, otherwise your card will automatically be disqualified


  1. Create a Counterparty asset and associate it with your art

  2. Send a submission email to
        Subject: "Submission <XCP ASSET NAME>"
        Body: Your artist name, promotional image\gif, xchain link

  3. WAIT FOR APPROVAL to be sent to your email

  4. Destroy 1 FAKETREASURE community card (addd the name of your XCP asset in memo)

  5. Reply to acceptance email with burn txid


  1. Wallets

  2. Explorer

  3. Tutorial (create, buy, sell etc)

  4. Educate Yourself on Munchkin

FakeMunchkin is a community of artists and art enthusiasts and is not associated with the original Munchkin game and company.

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